About Cology

Our theory: When good people and great products connect with exceptional customers - amazing reactions occur.

We’re the leading provider of end-to-end private student loan origination and repayment servicing solutions for lenders. Our flagship loan processing and servicing system, Volta™, is the engine behind more than 325 of the nation’s fastest growing lenders in the market today. And our flexible origination platform combined with the most experienced back-office processing experts in the business, make it easy and affordable for anyone to enter the market.

The five essential elements of customer care

Our customers are the heart and soul of Cology! Their unique needs guide us as we continue to create new, improved and innovative solutions, and their business drives our business, every step of the way. The team of “mad scientists” at Cology have a passion for technology, and are obsessed with customer care. It’s in our DNA — and it’s why our clients choose Cology!

  • Veteran Leadership

    Veteran Leadership

    Cology executives average 20 years of experience in the business, spanning all functional areas of the market. You’ll enjoy access to the combined expertise of the nation’s leading technology and operations experts in one place.

  • Attention to Detail

    Attention to Detail

    Every client has unique customer and corporate requirements. Cology’s experts will listen carefully, evaluate thoroughly, and provide detailed recommendations that achieve your objectives.

  • Responsiveness


    Access and availability are the mantra of our dedicated client managers. Our customer care team will support all your needs, giving you fast, comprehensive and reliable service — from beginning to forever.

  • Partnership


    No issue is too big, or question too small. The team at Cology will make it easy for you to get into the business, understand the many facets of the market, and accomplish your goals.

  • Peace of Mind

    Peace of Mind

    Great chemistry means a close partnership between Cology and each of its clients. We take care of the home work, and hard work — so you can focus on providing a “best-in-class” student loan program to your members, customers and employees.

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