About Student Lending

Private Student Loan Programs represent a $120 billion per year market opportunity.

  • The Opportunity

    The Opportunity

    Business for private student loans is seen growing at 25 percent, and (according to FinAid, a public source of student financial aid information) will overtake the government’s share by 2025.

    Current market dynamics have created the perfect environment for growth, and Cology believes school loans and refinancing programs represent as much as a $120+ billion per year opportunity.

  • The Challenge

    The Challenge

    Lack of market awareness and expertise, regulatory lending requirements and complicated school interface requirements make it difficult for Lending Institutions to get into the private student loan market.

  • Cology is the Solution

    Cology is the Solution

    Cology has in place all of the complicated networks and interfaces necessary to originate and service loan assets. Our in-house end-to-end technology platform and services have made us the dominant market provider.

  • The Value to Financial Institutions

    The Value to Financial Institutions

    1. Diversifies a Lending Portfolio — Private student loans round out a portfolio and typically carry a variable interest rate.
    2. Generates a High Yielding Asset — Lenders control the index and margin for the program and find that interest yields fall towards the higher end of their portfolio mix.
    3. Attracts GenY Borrowers — The product attracts student borrowers as well as serves an existing customer base. Cosigners for private loans are typically the parent of college students.
    4. Risks Can Be Mitigated — Each lender can apply advanced credit/underwriting criteria and purchase optional 3rd party default insurance to manage asset risk.

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