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“There is no more appropriate compass to follow than the voice of our clients. Everyone in our organization understands that our sole responsibility is to make sure our business is built – and runs – on that principle, and that every client and their customers have an unmatched experience.”

Bert Nixon
Vice President, Operations

It starts and ends with superior client and customer service.

Cology maintains constant contact with our clients so that your voice is present in all we do. Through our day to day interaction, we gain an understanding of your unique business needs. Cology’s Client Advisory team guides our investments that constantly improve our products and services in order to maximize your business results.

What does superior customer service mean?

Lenders get a single point of contact, real time and custom reporting, annual service survey, product/service enhancements, annual business planning process, regulatory updates, audit support, marketing support, portfolio management and more.

Students and their Family get a “members only” online application and borrower service experience, optional annual survey feedback and executive summary, plus communication profiles.

Colleges get an experienced phone and email support team, for information regarding lender programs, school processing profile maintenance, annual surveys, and representation/availability at financial aid conferences.

3rd Party Partnerships – Guarantors, Loan Servicers, Data Exchange Providers, Central Disbursement Agents get a single point of contact for billing and reconciliation, file exchange processing and resolution, feedback and enhancements.

Internal Customers such as Client Managers, Front Line CSR’s, Doc Handlers, Underwriting Analysts, Executives, Collectors, Developers, QA Testers and HR get ongoing feedback sessions, annual service survey, quality culture planning and events.

What's it like working with Cology?

Our Client Account Management Team is always ready to serve! See how we become active members of your team, helping you to implement a program designed to meet your specific needs through things like:

  • Proactive Outreach
  • Electronic Processing
  • Disclosures and Transparency

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